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Rocky Road Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse

When I got married many years ago, cooking for me basically meant making toast, frying an egg, or making one of two dishes: a simple olive oil and garlic pasta or a vegetable stir fry, always with the same vegetables.  Essentially, I didn't cook.  I loved to eat, but I didn't know how to cook.  So to help me out, my dear sweet mother decided to put some of her classic recipes to paper, usually handwritten, sometimes typed.  In the margins, she would add special notes to me; opinions, ... Continue Reading

Mediterranean Meat Loaf

Growing up in the United States, my parents' best friends were from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.  Our two families saw each other constantly.  The children felt more like cousins than friends.  In the mid-80's, each of our families bought neighboring summer lake houses, where we spent almost every weekend.  We basically lived in both houses, going back and forth freely.  You can imagine mealtimes - a large communal buffet was laid out each day and we would dig in, barefoot, ... Continue Reading