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Hello and welcome to A TASTEFUL PLAN!  I’m so happy that you stopped by.

In my house growing up, our family spent a great deal of time either preparing food or talking about preparing it.  At the dinner table, we were always presented with piles of steaming meat, vegetables, and rice laced with fruits and spices.  Meals were fresh and homemade, a family ritual to be shared and enjoyed and discovered together.  One of the most important topics of discussion at each meal was — what are we going to have for the next meal?

My mother, a native of Pennsylvania, learned to cook in Baghdad, Iraq from my Persian grandmother.  After we moved to the United States, she prepared all of the delicious dishes she learned in the Middle-East and added many other cuisines to her “repertoire”, as she called it.

Now I have my own family.  I live between Washington, D.C. and Istanbul with my husband Ned, three beautiful kids, and Louie, the sweetest chocolate Lab ever (although his idea of the ultimate culinary delicacy is street food, meaning anything he can scrape off the sidewalk).  I love exploring new cultures and new flavors and travel often to fun destinations.

This fall, I decided to start blogging.  The main aim of this blog to transform all of my precious family recipes into standardized electronic format so that I can pass them to my children.  Currently, most are handwritten or typed on an old typewriter (remember those?) in several different languages, and with no standard measurements, unless you think “just enough” or “in my old red cup” counts.

In addition, I would like to use this blog as a way to further explore my passion for food, travel, friends, and family, and share it with anyone who wants to join me.  What is most important for me is to remember that this blog is not about food or travel, it’s about people: family, friends, loved ones.  It’s about telling a story, and living a life full of love.  And for me, the most natural way to tell that story is through food, lovely places, and great experiences.

I’m excited and very enthusiastic about this endeavor and I look forward to the journey ahead.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at or you can find me on Pinterest as Sousan Alwan and Instagram @sousanaalwan.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

love, Sousan 

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